Millie Moon Baby launched in November 2019 and is a family run business based in the United Kingdom. Josie and Adam, the founders, started the company with the vision of making the future brighter for our next generation. The mission - To bring more sustainable and eco-friendly options to the baby market reducing the necessity for plastics and non-organic materials, all without sacrificing luxury.

Our company name is inspired by the names of our two eldest daughters Hope Millie and Ida Moon. They are what give us the motivation as founders to drive the business towards sustainable practices to ensure that they have a bright future.

We appreciate that not all of our products are currently inline with our vision, however, we are passionate about working towards more sustainable practices and with each sale we invest in environmental charities. One of our first steps along this path is through our recent partnership with 'Offset' to neutralise our shipping emissions. Offset work alongside Pachama to contribute to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards. Offset calculates the total emissions generated by every one of our shipped orders and this cost is then donated to environmental charities.

We believe that we can offer good quality, sustainable products that are luxurious and affordable. Our customers are mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends and we aim to educate our tribe to support the environment that our children are growing up in. We understand they are the future but that we are their role models, and we have the responsibility to educate them and shape the future.

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The image below is of the first doodle of our logo. This was sketched whilst sat at the kitchen table in our first family home with our daughters playing around us. It represents a name and a memory that fills us with joy. The Millie Moon Baby logo is trademarked.

The first doodle of the Mille Moon Baby logo drawn sat at the kitchen table in our first house


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