Carbon Neutral Shipping

We have partnered with 'Planet' to offset all our carbon emissions generated from the shipping process. We offer carbon-neutral shipping on 100% of our orders and support some of the most promising climate change projects on Earth.

Here's how it works .. 'Planet' calculates the estimated shipping emissions for each of our orders and we then donate the amount required to environmental charities to remove this carbon from the atmosphere. This is all automated so as soon as you purchase a product the estimated shipping emissions are donated.

So more on these carbon-removing charities ...

  • Running Tide - Uses kelp to soak up carbon and then syncs it to the bottom of the ocean where it'll rest for the next thousand years.
  • Heirloom - Utilises minerals to sponge carbon directly out of the sky!
  • Grassroots Carbon - Specialises in soil sequestration that turns ranches into massive carbon sinks.
  • Climeworks - Builds enormous machines that suck carbon from the air and bury it away underground.


Remember - Carbon is necessary to grow plant life as plants photosynthesise carbon to create oxygen.

The list of partners goes on, but you get the idea! This is revolutionary stuff committed to future-proofing our planet, which you support with every purchase!

See the video below for more information:




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