Why Does my Baby Fight Sleep

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Why Does my Baby Fight Sleep
Sleep can quickly become a distant memory with a newborn baby and I would love to be able to tell you that it is short-term and it gets better but, I'm not sure I'd be wholly telling you the truth.
Sometimes they will fight sleep and sometimes they will wake. For some parents, their little ones will sleep well and for others, they just won't. Be prepared for the parents with little one's who do sleep well to continually tell you though! That will probably become more frustrating than the lack of sleep!
It is, however, good to understand 'why' your baby might be fighting sleep. Then you can look at how you can remedy it where possible.
Below I've outlined Millie Moon Baby's 6 reasons why your baby is fighting sleep:
1. Separation Anxiety
This is a completely natural part of your baby's development. They understandably want to be with you where they feel safe and secure. As frustrating as it can be trying to put down a baby that won't go to sleep - remember they have been a part of you for 9 months. We as adults prefer to co-sleep and be close to one another so of course your baby does too.
2. Overtiredness
Yes - Overtiredness is a real thing! It is when your baby has been awake longer than their little body can tolerate. Try to identify early signs of tiredness and put them to bed sooner rather than later.
3. Teething
Teething is not fun for anyone! Most babies start teething at around 6 months, but this can happen between 4-12 months or longer. Giving your baby teething rings and granules can help to relieve any pain. Top Tip: The teething rings that go in the freezer seem to work best!
4. Overstimulation
The opposite end of the spectrum to overtiredness is overstimulation. This can be from a sensory overload and your baby being overwhelmed. Possibly from too much noise or having being passed between family members all afternoon! In our case usually both! Try to have a quiet couple of hours before bed.
5. Unfamiliar Environment
Like us, our little ones can struggle to sleep in unfamiliar places. Having an established bedtime routine with repeatable familiar behaviours in the same order can be helpful when trying to make your baby more settled. For example feed, bath, story and bed.
6. Discomfort or Illness
Discomfort can be caused by being overfed or through illness. no matter how hard you try, it's likely your baby will pick up a bug at some point which can keep them up at night. Sleep is a vital part of recovery so if this persists you should seek professional advice.
We'll be delving into each of these a bit deeper in future blog posts. Follow us on Instagram to see when these are released.
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